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St. Droctoveus of Saint Germanus (c. 576-580)

Feast Day: March 10/23


Droctoveus (Latin: Droctonius), who is also known under the abbreviated name of Drotté, was born in the region of Auxerre. From his youth he was confided to the hegumen Germanus, then the superior of the monastery of Saint Symphorian of Autun, in Burgundy. It was he who formed him by teaching him the virtues practiced by the anchorites of the East. But this was above all by imitating Germanus himself that Droctoveus rose himself to an eminent degree in the monastic virtues. When Germanus became bishop of Paris, he attracted near him his disciple Droctoveus. At the death of Childebert, in A.D. 558, the bishop celebrated the dedication of the church which this king had built in order to preserve in it the diaconal orarion of the martyr Saint Vincent, brought from Spain. In order to serve this …


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The Venerable Anchorite Saint Psalmodus of Limousin

(Saint Psalmode du Limousin) (589)

Feast Day: March 8/21 (Orthodox Commemoration) (June 13 in Eymoutiers & Limoges; June 14 by monks of Ramsgate; in other places: August 6; November 24; October 6)


On 8 March, the memory of our venerable father, the holy Irish anchorite Psalmodus or Saumon, disciple of Saint Brendan of Clonfert, who lived as a hermit near Eymoutiers in Limousin, where he domesticated the wolves.



Psalmodus the Irishman, hermit in Limousin,
showed himself a sociable neighbor for the wolves.
He deserved an ode for his sweet patience,
the Limousian hermit who was called Psalmodus.
On the eighth day of March, we celebrate the exodus of him to heaven.

Also known as Psalmet or Saumay, his given name is unknown to us, however, because of his constant psalmodizing for God, reciting the entire Psalter from memory daily, he …