monastery musings

Recently, as I was praying about what inspirational words I could pass on to you, I called to mind +Hieromonk David (Pierce) of blessed memory.  When Father David was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor, his life changed instantly.  Following his first surgery, I visited Father David, and he venerated the holy relics that I had brought with me.  He had a strong faith, was unshaken, and his eyes were fixed on eternity.  We began talking about his prognosis, which led into a discussion about contemporary issues facing Orthodox Christians in an increasingly secular society where much is being done to remove “God” from its midst.  The result of that visit was an article we co-authored on how the mind of an Orthodox Christian person should react when facing difficult circumstances. 


Father David reposed in 2014, and we never published that article.  Because of the healing nature of the …