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Volunteers from area churches spend day at Skete

On Saturday, September 25th, throughout the day, an approximate seventy volunteers came and went from various area Orthodox Churches including Saint Herman’s in Stafford, Holy Myrrhbearers in Harrisonburg, Holy Innocents and Saint Nina in Bristow, Saint Tikhon’s in Ruther Glen, Saint Innocent’s in Salem, and others. Clergy who joined in with their parishioners were Father Gabriel Weller, Father Richard Reed, Father Alexander Laymon, Father John Cook, Deacon Joseph Sirko, and Reader Joseph McLeod.

A great deal was accomplished but most of all, the volunteers, some of them catechumens, enjoyed Orthodox fellowship in a casual setting. Children made new friends from other Orthodox parishes, an important aspect of this type of activity. Many thanks to the men, women, and even children who made the day a success!

The gift shop also had it’s grand opening, with the assistance of Penelope and David of Penelope’s of Greece, who spent two days pricing, stocking and displaying merchandise. Even though at least a dozen boxes remained unpacked, the store had many happy customers who went home with icons, vigil lamps, censers, reliquaries, books, incense, Baptismal crosses, bracelets, night lights, and so much more. The remaining boxes will be unpacked when the return to do Christmas shopping.

Vespers for the Feast of the Commemoration of the Consecration of the Church of the Resurrection at Jerusalem (The Holy Sepulchre) and the Forefeast of the Universal Elevation of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord was celebrated by Hieromonk Aidan of Saint Demetrios Monastery, Father John Cook, and Deacon Joseph (Sirko), and with Hierodeacon Silouan of Saint Demetrios helping Mother Andrea at the kleros.
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From the memoires of Schema-Archimandrite John: Reflections on Holy and Great Thursday, 2001

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Emperor Paul I

Father Constantine Desrosiers presents a new perspective to this Orthodox Christian Tsar to whom many people appeal for help.

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“God sent me a living bookmark!” 

Translations of Schema - Archimandrite John

Some of the Western Orthodox Saints featured are so obscure that it is difficult to find information about them.

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Now Available!

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Excerpt from the book:

“…a Knight of unblemished Russian dignity and honor … the Grand Duke completely accepted the sacrificial task of carrying out the heavy duties and responsibilities of representation, and even more: the leadership of the thousand-year-old Dynasty of the Russian Imperial House, who are the historical descendants of the Byzantine Empire: the founders of Christian culture.” 

Page 4

“Along the way, in varying ways and attitudes, the citizenry of Saint Petersburg witnessed … the presence in their midst of Him who might in happier days have been their Tsar. Some disregarded what was happening before them, eager to carry on their work of the day oblivious to anything beyond the desperate search for food and sustenance, the drab drudgery of Lenin’s Promethean hubris. Others stopped to watch in curious and inquiring silence. Still more smiled and waved enthusiastically to the Imperial Family, while a smaller number stood at attention solemnly crossing themselves in Orthodox fashion or with military salutes witnessing the deeply planted loyalty and devotion to the monarchy of their Motherland, so long the secret of their hearts.”

Page 24

After 70 years of Soviet Communism, few instructors in America teach that Imperial Russia had been a great ally of the United States and of many other countries, providing various types of aid throughout the world. A magnificent book has compiled articles from leading historians documenting this aid. Read how Russia helped the US win the War of Independence, provided aid to help defeat Napoleon, and more in this beautifully illustrated book. This is a great addition to any library and makes a perfect gift.

A Beautiful Cross with Special Savings

For a limited time, Penelope’s of Greece, a benefactor of the Queen of All Skete, is offering a 25% discount on this magnificent Cross, and all proceeds will benefit the Skete’s building fund. This stunning filigree Cross is fully handcrafted in Greece of 18k gold and genuine pearl by award-winning jewelry designer Kallinikos, a pious Orthodox Christian man. It is available in two sizes:

Medium, 1¾” tall (including bail) x 1⅜” wide, $565 NOW only $446.25!

Large, 2¼” tall (including bail) x 1½” wide, $795 NOW only $596.25!

There are additional Crosses, necklaces, bracelets and earrings available at this special discount through the Skete, please contact Mother Andrea for more information. 

The offer will be valid through April 10, 2021.

Please inquire if available as there is a limited quantity in stock. If not in stock it takes approximately 6 weeks to be both hand-crafted and received from Greece.



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Cover image featuring Catherine the Great, George Washington, Emperor Alexander II and Abraham Lincoln

Troparion and Kontakion for the Emperor Paul I


Give rest, O Lord, to the soul of Thy murdered Slave, the Emperor Paul I, and by his prayers grant us in our present days of deception and fear wisdom in our deeds, patience in our sufferings and salvation of our souls with Thee.



Look down, O Lord, at Thy faithful intercessor for all small, poor and deprived ones, the Emperor Paul I,

and by his holy prayers grant, O Lord, speedy and true help to all who through him are begging it of Thee,

O Our God.