By God’s grace, the Skete is mortgage-free. This was a priority in its purchase so that concerns would not be how to pay the monthly mortgage, but rather, a focus on prayer. What this also means is that 100% of your gift goes directly towards restoration of the structures, beautification of the magnificent property, construction of the chapel to house the Skete’s holy relics, and other projects that will help make the Skete more of a resource. The Skete is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) religious organization. May God bless your generosity! 

Please scroll down to view our updated list of needs.



Thank You to everyone who so generously donated during our matching campaign from May to August this year.

Our campaign has now ended but your kindness and generosity has helped us meet our goal of $25,000!


Help Us Rebuild

“And thou say in thine heart, my power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth. But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth…” Deut. 8:17-18

Our List of Wishes and Needs 

Most likely other things will come up as we progress with construction, but here are some of our present needs. The treatment for the chapel ceiling is as yet undecided, whether it will be barrel vault or cathedral, beaded birch or drywall or something else, the reason being that the HVAC people had to put ducts on one side and it is no longer perpendicular, so it’s treatment is something that is still uncertain.

Our Updated List December 2023

$95.20DeWalt batter for Leaf Blower:
View at Home Depot
$43 per bookItalian Gold Leaf for the Platytera Icon of the Mother of God and the prophets in the chapel, as well as highlights in halos and garments in the festal icons.

We need twelve books of this with 25 leaves per book.
View at Jacksons Art
$150Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer
Raw plaster primer for chapel walls. Available at Sherwin Williams, 975 Seminole Trail Unit 4, Charlottesville, VA, 22901, telephone 434-978-1321.
$50Canson® XL Mix Media Roll
Fine-textured art-paper for making icon templates for chapel:

View at Michaels
$30Borden & Riley® No. 41 Monroe Lightweight Parchment Tracing Paper Roll
Lightweight tracing paper for transfer of template to chapel ceiling.

View at Michaels
$25Iconography on chapel ceiling
$11,000Trapeza ceiling (drop ceiling, tongue-and-groove wood planks, crown molding around trays, labor).
$14,000Pilgrim’s restroom downstairs (tile, fixtures, ceiling, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, etc.).
$4200Restaurant swinging door between kitchen and trapeza, wood, kickplate and handplate, rectangular window, pivot hinges allowing a hold-open feature, labor to install.
$400 plus shippingCedar raised garden bed 16 ½” deep, 2’ x 8’, made in U.S.A.
Six of these are needed to reconfigure the vegetable garden next Spring and make it more efficient and higher-producing, to help the Skete now and into the future towards self-sufficiency.

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DeWalt Battery
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Italian Gold Leaf
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Sherwin Williams Primer
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Canson Mix Media Roll 
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 Tracing Paper
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Cedar Raised Garden bed

Our Updated List March 2023

$9600Drywall chapel walls and ceiling, plaster:
¼” flex board for ceiling, 4’x 8’, 64 sheets
½” standard drywall for walls, 4’x10’, 16 sheets
drywall tape, screws, joint compound, diamond veneer, nailer boards, etc. labor Labor 6 days, 2 men

$1600Chapel door(includes installation)
$1600¼” hardwood plywood for chapel, 4’x10’, 7 sheets (includes delivery and installation labor)
TREESOn the following trees, Meadows Farms Nursery will install them and guarantee them, so cost of installation is included in their price. Please note prices are for ONE tree – the Skete has 12+ acres and would need more than one tree, but anything would be helpful.
$250Oak, 13'
$250Maple, 13'
$250Willow, 13'
$300Dogwood, 8'
$300Pines: Black Pine, Japanese Umbrella Pine, Yellow Pine, Scotch Pine, others, 7'
$320Holly, 7'
$280Magnolia, 8'
$600Labor, 2 days, to plant existing Green Giant windbreak trees (we forgot to mention this on the list and had a donation for these, but we need help to plant them)
EDIBLE TREESOn these trees, we have to plant them ourselves, which can be very difficult in the dense Virginia clay. It has to be removed, sifted, and mixed with a tree soil. Quite frankly, we need to hire someone if we can’t get volunteers. This is where the $300/day handyman comes in helpful! These trees come from a Virginia native edible tree nursery.
$340Filberts ($85 each), need for two for pollination, price shown is for four
$90Stone pines ($45 each), need two for pollination
Also need cherries, pears, paw paw, persimmon, almond, walnut, and other edible trees. This will help the Skete be self-sufficient long after I am gone, and as times get worse, I see the possibility of Revelation 13:17 becoming a reality.
$3000Exterior Handrails (this is a security/liability issue)

Wrought iron, from parking area to house, from walkway to patio, from patio to gift shop (locally fabricated)
$300/dayLabor to do all sorts of handyman jobs, grounds projects, repair sunken patio pavers, etc.
$500/dayA reliquary for the chapel is being designed and fabricated that will hold an approximate 40 holy relics (more if possible). This will be built into the wall of the chapel. Each subject will involve producing an icon set in a gold frame, setting the holy relic in a gold reliquary, and making brass engraved nameplates, all displayed on a burgundy fabric background with gemstone highlights and a carved wood frame. Individuals may sponsor a Saint for $500. Any additional funds remaining after producing the reliquary will be used to complete construction of the chapel. Below are just a few of the saints for which the Skete has holy relics, that will be honored in this magnificent reliquary.
$130Printer toner HP #952, package of black XL, plus colors, $130

8 ½ x 11” standard copy paper for printer
(gift certificate to Staples?)

$4000Polyeleos for chapel
$40,000Kubota tractor, compact residential with quick-attach bucket, quick-attach backhoe, stabilizers, box blade, mower, tiller

Our Updated List September 2022

$649CRAFTSMAN Front-Tine Forward-rotating Tiller, from Lowe’s.
This would be helpful not just for the vegetable garden, but for working towards beautifying other areas of the property, making an orchard, flower beds, a basil circle around the holy Cross, and so much more.
View at

Item #1144043, Model #CMXGVAM1144043
CRAFTSMAN front tine tiller. Powered by a 208cc oh engine and heavy-duty chain drive transmission. Four forward rotating 12" steel tines. Equipped with an adjustable tilling width and depth stake. Conveniently arriving fully assembled. Protected by a two-year warranty.
$570.04Teak Wood El Mar Outdoor Bench, 5 Foot
There is nowhere outside for pilgrims to sit and read, quietly pray the Jesus Prayer, or to have outside spiritual talks. After researching various woods that are long-lasting and impervious to borers and to mold/mildew, it seems that a wood called ipe is the best (75+ years), however, it is impossibly expensive. The next best is teak, which is more reasonably priced and will last more than 30 years if cared for properly.
View at

Hand-made from solid weather and pest resistant teak wood, this bench has durable construction and is made to last. It can be used outdoors year round. Its design is perfect for commercial use, with its fine-sanded finish. We manufacture this bench in 4, 5 and 6 foot lengths and assembly is quick and easy.
$400Paint-Gift card to Sherwin-Williams, for Trapeza, kitchen, hallway to chapel, confession room.
$2600Supplies and labor for backsplash around kitchen cabinets, sink, stove & hood.
$200Chimney sweep to clean the wood stove pipes before December.
$250 eachTwo exterior lights at main entrance. Approximately $200 for an electrician to install.
$35Metal Bow Rake with Non-Slip Grip Handle.
A.A. Vasiliev, History of the Byzantine Empire, The University of Wisconsin Press, OUT OF PRINT, would be helpful to have all three volumes for the Skete’s reference library.
$6001,000 2-oz. plastic bottles for holy oil from the vigil lamp of the Queen of All, the Healer of Cancer, for distribution to the faithful. Color labels for oil bottles. 100 boxes (plus delivery costs) in which to mail holy oil to those in need (with cancer).
$339.90Twenty (20) Green Giant Arborvitae trees for a wind break (the winds can be very high coming off the Blue Ridge Mountains)
$1800Flush-handle French Door Refrigerator/Freezer, no ice maker (We will purchase the refrigerator, stove and other appliances from Home Depot to receive a discount. A gift card to Home Depot would be helpful)

Thank You!

$3300Propane Stove/Oven
View at

Thank You!

$400 Paint-Gift card to Sherwin-Williams, for Trapeza, kitchen and office 2 top coats (NOTE: WE NEED THIS BEFORE OCTOBER!)

$1900Approximate cost for tile and installation for trapeza, kitchen, office, Confessional room, hallway to chapel (NOTE: WE NEED TO INSTALL THE TILE IN OCTOBER BEFORE THE WOOD STOVE IS INSTALLED IN EARLY NOVEMBER)
$800Installation/flue parts, wood stove (the stove is already paid for and the exterior chimney is installed)
$2000Electrician service (we still have a good deal of electrical work to be done in the chapel, hallway, barn, exterior lighting, lamp post, gift shop, etc.)

Please donate directly to the Queen of All Skete, or if you prefer, it is payable to the Queen of All Skete account at W.A. Sherman and Sons, 229 E Church St, Orange, VA 22960
(540) 672-1411 (Rick Sherman)

$300Kitchen sink
2-compartment, 10” deep

$120Reading lamp for second nun’s cell (approximate cost)
$199 eachTwo lights for exterior of gift shop
$90 eachFour lights for gift shop interior
$199 eachTwo smaller lights for kitchen/gift shop/patio/walkway side of Skete
$25.98Long-handle flat head shovel


A.A. Vasiliev, History of the Byzantine Empire, The University of Wisconsin Press, OUT OF PRINT, would be helpful to have all three volumes for the Skete’s reference library
$1200Labor to complete installation (mudding/sanding) of trapeza walls
$1800Proskimidi Table: This is not the exact one we will be purchasing as this one is $1900 plus $1800 to ship from Greece. We will have one similar in style made by a domestic Orthodox craftsman
$800Light over proskimidi table
$84.98Metal Landscape Edging
8 ft. x 14-Gauge x 4 in. Green Steel Landscape Edging (5-Pack)
View at
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Craftsman Tiller
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Teak Outdoor Bench
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History of the Byzantine Empire 
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Proskimidi Table

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Many Thanks!

These are some of the items that you have made possible for the Skete:

  • Holy Table (Altar Table)

  • 8' high x 300' length Maximum Strength Deer Fence Kit with rodent protection, tension kit and double gate

  • Tow behind cart for Cub Cadet

  • Trapeza lighting

  • Kitchen lighting: 2-light pendant and 3-light pendant

  • Confessional room lighting

  • Office lighting

  • Seven-branched candlestick for the Holy Table

  • Sheet rock (drywall) for the trapeza

  • Timberwolf 2100 Wood Stove

  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Wood Stove
  • Tow Behind Cub Cart
  • Deer Fence (Will be installed by Volunteers on the next workday in September or October)
  • Confessional Room Lighting
  • Trapeza Lighting
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445 Longshot Lane
Rochelle, Virginia 22738

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