akathist, prayer liturgical

NOTE: This English-language translation has not been approved by any liturgical commission. As it does not appear in the English-language Book of Needs,
but yet is in the Grand Euchologe, it is being offered simply as scholarly work from the works of Schema-Archimandrite John (Lewis +2007).





Priest:       O Lord, the God of powers, who art great and marvelous, who in thine
ineffable goodness and the treasury of they providence governest all, who from 
the goods of this world hast given us the gift, and who by the goods already 
granted hast given us the pledge of the promised kingdom, who hast made
the clouds they chariot and Thou movest upon1 the wings of the wind, Thou
the most high Lord, who watches over the humble and knowest from afar
who raises up, who hast sent a fiery chariot to Elias


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Excerpt from the book:

“…a Knight of unblemished Russian dignity and honor … the Grand Duke completely accepted the sacrificial task of carrying out the heavy duties and responsibilities of representation, and even more: the leadership of the thousand-year-old Dynasty of the Russian Imperial House, who are the historical descendants of the Byzantine Empire: the founders of Christian culture.”

Page 4

“Along the way, in varying ways and attitudes, the citizenry of Saint Petersburg witnessed … the presence in their midst of Him who might in happier days have been their Tsar. Some disregarded what was happening before them, eager to carry on their work of the day oblivious to anything beyond the desperate search for food and sustenance, the drab drudgery of Lenin’s Promethean hubris. Others stopped to watch in curious and inquiring silence. Still more smiled and waved enthusiastically to the Imperial Family, while a smaller …