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Saint Euboula

Righteous Euboula, Mother of Saint Panteleimon (304)

Feast Day: March 30/April 12

Euboula signifies in Greek: “good counsellor”. It is the name which the mother of the holy Megalomartyr Panteleimon bore. She lived in the city of Nicomedia, in Bithynia (at the northwest of Asia Minor, on the border of the Euxine Sea), and she had espoused a pagan with the name of Eustorgios. When a son was born to them, the father named him Pantaleon, which means in Greek: “totally a lion”. But the mother, who was a Christian, raised her son in her own faith, teaching him to confess a single true God, our Lord, Jesus Christ, and planting in his heart the inclination for an upright life and for good works. The following is known: his encounter with Bishop Anthimos and the priest Hermalaos, who made him an unmercenary healer, freely caring for the sick. A heavenly voice had suggested to him to change his name from Panta-léon into Pant-éléïmon, which signifies in Greek: “the all-merciful”. Then he witnessed for Christ, whom he confessed in an admirable manner, winning thusly the title of megalomartyr. He was beheaded on 27 July 305, during the persecution of Emperor Maximian. A part of his relics is found in the Russian monastery of Saint Panteleimon, the “Russikon” on Mount Athos. The community of this monastery also venerates Euboula, the mother of Panteleimon.  It is for this reason that this akolouthia was written in her honor.


1st tone
Holy children are a gift of God obtaining joy for holy women, and for thee, O Saint Euboula, that joyous gift was the Holy Martyr Panteleimon, that eponym of the mercy of God, who is a healer for the sick and a protector for us all. Glory to the Master who was merciful towards us, glory to Him who gave you gifts of healing, glory to Him who by you has shown us such protectors.


3rd tone

Thy memory, O Saint Euboula, delights them that honor thee as the mother of the illustrious Panteleimon; since with him thou standest before the throne of God, intercede so that he bestow absolution for our transgressions.

On 30 March, we celebrate the memory of Saint Euboula, the mother of the Holy Martyr Panteleimon, who ended her life in peace.


Verses: With her martyred son in heaven stands the mother,

                Euboula, who was such a good counsellor.

Thou, his blessed mother, didst communicate in the honors which Panteleimon received
as a conqueror, since instructed by thee, thy wise son valiantly contested for Christ.

                                                                                                                                           From ode 7 of the canon

Translated into English by Schema-Archimandrite John (Lewis) +2007
Originally written in Church Slavonic by the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon on Mount Athos, which possesses a portion of the holy relics of Saint Panteleimon and wanted to honor his mother, as well, for which purpose this was written. Translated into French in 2002 by Hieromonk Denis (Guillaume) +2008

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