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Prayers for a Dyslexic Child

An unofficial prayer from the translations of Father John

Saint Maximos of Serbia

Gave up ruling a kingdom for the soul-saving monastic life.

Saint Heldrad of Novalèse

Operated two mountain-pass hospices to please God through hospitality to strangers.

Saint Droctoveus

Zealous for discipline, he brought Eastern monastic practice to ancient France.

Saint Psalmodus of Limousin

Daily he recited the entire Psalter from memory.

The Holy Martyr Solangia of Berry

A French virgin-martyr invoked for rain, rape victims and shepherds.

Saint Nicetius of Lyons

As bishop, he taught children to read and write so that they could serve God as soon as possible.

Saint Rumold of Malines

Converted many German idolators when he healed a blind man and a leper.

Saint Waldetrudis of Mons

While weighing silver to redeem captives, it grew on the balance before her eyes.

Saint Hilary of Arles

Desired to remain an isolated monk but accepted the episcopate as God’s will.

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