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Prayers for Blessing an Aircraft

Presented here is an unofficial prayer
From the translations of Schema-Archimandrite John (Lewis+, 2007).

Homeric Gospel

In the 18th century, Saint Nicodemos achieved the seemingly impossible: he skillfully crafted a masterpiece by paraphrasing the Agape Vespers Gospel of the Evangelist John, 20:19-25, into Homeric Greek

Akoluthia for the Adoption of a Child

A beautiful service found in the Greek-language Book of Needs, providing a meaningful recognition of the significant act of the adoption of a child.

Prayers in time of Invasion by the Nations

Prayers in time of Invasion by the nations.

Akoluthia To Bless a Furnace or an Oven

A prayer to bless a furnace or oven.

Prayers for a Dyslexic Child

An unofficial prayer from the translations of Father John

Saint Maximos of Serbia

Gave up ruling a kingdom for the soul-saving monastic life.

Saint Heldrad of Noval├Ęse

Operated two mountain-pass hospices to please God through hospitality to strangers.

Saint Droctoveus

Zealous for discipline, he brought Eastern monastic practice to ancient France.

Saint Psalmodus of Limousin

Daily he recited the entire Psalter from memory.

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